Shengjing Global Innovation Award (SJ-GIA) is the annual innovation ceremony held by Shengjing Group. It aims to find top projects from hot industry innovation areas around the world, to maximize the effectiveness of both the new economy and traditional economy, and to play the function of connecting and bridging of China and the World. Shengjing Global Innovation Awards, known as ”SJ-GIA” is based on “Innovation, Capitalization and Globalization” and is focused toward global start-ups, including those from China, USA, Israel and Europe. SJ-GIA will build an active ecosystem based on "global innovation and global capital," to facilitate the globalization of a new economy business platform and build the indicator of investment.

Guidance Institutions


Strategic Supports

Government Supports

  • 北京市石景山區
  • 北京豐臺區
  • 天津濱海新區中心商務區
  • 青島市嶗山區
  • 濰坊市高新區
  • 杭州市上城區
  • 馬鞍山市經濟技術開發區
  • 廣州市番禺區
  • 東莞市常平鎮
  • 大連市高新區
  • 重慶市兩江新區
  • 浙江省長興縣